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We are building a regenerative research farm on Gitxsan land with Gitxsan partners. In 2020, we began our first flock of free-ranging heritage hybrid chickens, as the keystone species of our Poultry Centred Regenerative Agriculture system. We are working toward food security and food sovereignty in our region, with a strong focus on ecological and economic sustainability. We believe we can contribute to our local food economy while protecting wild and managed habitats, buildling a local industry and learning from Indigenous systems.

In 2020 we raised 1500 chickens in a single flock while learning all about farm start-ups, chickens, and regenerative practices. This year, we are happy to say we will be raising another 1500.

Whole, 5lb roaster chickens will be available in the Hazelton area in August, 2021. Join our mailing list below to stay updated and get alerts when it’s time to order yours!

Below are some links to stories and articles about our ongoing work.

Stories & News about Skeena Valley Farm

Season Round Up – First Year of Regenerative Poultry

Season Round Up – First Year of Regenerative Poultry

The goal was to pilot Canada’s first poultry-centred regenerative agriculture project in the Skeena and the project resulted in the successful raising of our test flock which was 1500 chickens grown on Gitxsan land, by Gitxsan community members. SWCC partnered...

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Arrival of day-old baby chicks

This is the day we recieve our baby chicks from the hatchery. Releasing them into their new home, welcome and blessings.



Release the Beasts

4 weeks after arrival, the chicks are ready to range in their wooded paddocks. We celebrate this exciting moment in their life journey and help keep them safe by watching for predators.



Final Orders Date

Get your orders in by Friday, July 30 to reserve your fresh, ethical, nutritious, tree-range local chicken. Whole 5lb roasters available only.

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